Why hire an Estate Liquidation Specialist?

Antiques and CollectiblesWhether you are downsizing before moving or completely liquidating an estate, the job can be too overwhelming to tackle on your own. Using the help of a professional liquidation service, such as Allegheny South Estate and Household Sales, can help make cleaning out your household space much easier.

This is not your mother's garage sale!
Thinking a garage sale, tag sale, or yard sale is an easy, weekend project or quick, do-it-yourself fix to solve your liquidation needs could be a very expensive mistake! Is that attic or garage filled with worthless junk ... or valuable antiques? You might be surprised to find the true value of a dusty collection of knickknacks or what you thought was "worthless junk".

"The sight of it just makes me want to cry!"
Emotional attachment to a house full of memories can often slow down the clean up process . . . and sometimes bring progress to a halt! With respect and insight, Allegheny South Estate and Household Sales can help you move past the indecision and onto a less cluttered future.

Analysis Paralysis
We all think we can beat it but when it comes to emptying out a house full of "stuff", hesitation can bring progress to a grinding halt. Do you know what to keep or how to make it all go away? Allow Allegheny South Estate and Household Sales to work with you to keep the "stuff" moving so you can meet your goal - a clean house.

Moving into a Smaller Space
Are you relocating to a smaller apartment, or are you looking for a fresh start in a new space and wish to downsize? Allegheny South Estate and Household Sales can help you find a new home for your unwanted items and get back some moving money in return.

Fast, Friendly, Professional
Sandy Dodds of Allegheny South Estate and Household Sales has the experience and knowledge to meet your estate liquidation needs. Call her today to find out if she can help you take the burden out of your bundle!

If you are looking to talk with an estate sale specialist about your family's individual needs in the South Hills or Greater Pittsburgh area, please contact Allegheny South Estate and Household Sales today.